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Words Ending in GRY and Other Riddles

I'm not sure why the "words ending in gry" riddle became one of the most searched for on the internet, but it did. It is simply the challenge to name as many words as you can that end in the letters "gry." The answer to that and the rest of these riddles is further down the page.

1. Animal Numbers

If cat + dog = 7, and rat + mouse = 31, what does alligator + bird equal?

2. I Am Six Yet One

What English word has the letter "i" in it six times?

3. Und Then What?

What five letters can you add "und" to - at the beginning and end - to create a common English word? (und_____und)

4. A Backwards Tongue

There is a palindrome (a word that is spelled the same forward and backwards) which is also the name of a language. What is it?

5. Aeouarrgh!

Name an English word with five consecutive vowels.

6. The Gift of No Sunrise

In the middle of the night a man gets out of bed, walks to the yard and puts something in a bag. He then gets in his car, drives across town to his friend's house and rings the doorbell. His friend answers and the man says, "Here, you wanted it, so its yours." The man then smiles and drives home. As a result of all this, though, he never sees another sunrise in his life (but yes, he is alive). How can you explain this?


Answers to the Riddles

There area two words that end in gry as far as I know. They are angry and hungry. If there is another obscure one that perhaps used to be in the English language, let me know.

Note: A Brainpower Newsletter subscriber tells me that, "Gry was a word that is listed in the 1936 Websters unabridged dictionary. Its definition is 1/10 of a line. This was implemented before the U.S. started using mili, micro etc. It was used to describe a very small width." (Thanks John)

Also, the following now appear in some dictionaries:

Puggry: A light scarf wound around a hat or helmet to protect the head from the sun.

Aggry: Applied to a kind of variegated glass beads of ancient manufacture; as, aggry beads are found in Ashantee and Fantee in Africa.

Here are the solutions to the other riddles:

1. Answer: 3. In each equation the numerical position in the alphabet of the first letter of each word is used. Thus alligator + bird is 1 + 2, or 3 (the "a" in alligator is the 1st letter of the alphabet and "b" in bird is the 2nd).

2. Indivisibility.

3. ERGRO. Put the three letters in front of it, and the same three letters behind to form "underground."

4. Malayalam, spoken in parts of India.

5. The word "queueing" may be the only one.

6. The man put his rooster in the bag and gave it to the friend who had admired it. Now he could sleep in peace at last until well after sunrise.

That last one was not really a riddle so much as a lateral thinking puzzle, and none of these have anything to do with words that have "gry" in them, nor is there a theme here. Why? Because it's getting tough to collect enough good riddles and I don't have time to invent many. Have you seen all the pages on the Riddles and Puzzles Index? Feel free to help me out and send me anything new you hear or read.

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