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Four Word Puzzles

Here are a few more word puzzles to test that brainpower on. Some of these will have more than one solution, but you will know if you get one that works.

1. The Repeating Word Pair

Create a grammatically-correct sentence in which the following repeating word pair fits:

hope that hope that

2. Truth through Punctuation

Add the correct punctuation to the following, to make it both grammatically correct and truthful:

there are twelve letters in this sentence

3. That Consecutive "Thats" Puzzle

Here's an example of the word "that" being used five times consecutively: I said that,"that 'that' that that man wrote should have been underlined." That's from the page "That Riddle About That "That," which has a full explanation. For this puzzle, add three words to the following to make a grammatically-correct sentence in which "that" is used six times consecutively:

He saw that that "that" that that "that" __________ __________ __________ .

4. A Different Class of Words

When does a kayak have more in common with a racecar than with boat?


Solutions to the Word Puzzles

1. The Repeating Word Pair Puzzle

Here is one solution:

I hope that hope that comes from reason is sufficient.

If you want a greater challenge, try to find a pair of words that can be repeated consecutively in a grammatically-correct sentence three or more times.

2. Truth Through Punctuation

The key is the quotation marks:

There are twelve letters in "this sentence."

Count the letters in "this sentence" (12) if that still isn't clear.

3. That Consecutive "Thats" Puzzle

There are probably many solutions to this puzzle. Here is one:

He saw that that "that" that that "that" followed was unnecessary.

4. A Different Class of Words

When they are on a page of word-related puzzles and are examples of palindromes (they read the same forward and backwards).

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