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More Word Association Riddles

The following riddles are a regular feature of The Mind Power Report. They were originally a part of what is called a "remote associates test" or RAT, and were used to test creativity. As explained on the page on these word association tests, those who have higher RAT scores have been found to have more flexibility and originality in their thinking. But initially these are not always easy for some readers to understand, so I get emails asking me how the solutions are arrived at. I will explain, and then give you a handful of new ones to try.

Here are some of the riddles from a recent issue of the newsletter, with the solution for each one explained:

For each set below, find a word that is related to all three words given:

1. Rabbit, Cloud, House

2. Speak, Money, Street

3. Zone, Still, Noise

Here are the solutions:

1. White
2. Easy
3. Quiet.

And the explanation:

1. A white rabbit is a common image, clouds are white, and the presidential residence is called the White House.

2. A speakeasy was a type of bar that operated in the U.S. mostly during the Prohibition era (1920–1933), "easy money" is a common expression, and "easy street" is also a common expression.

3. Quiet zone is a common expression, the word "still" is a synonym for quiet, and noise is the opposite of quiet.

These word-association riddles can be difficult in part because they are very culturally based as well as somewhat age-based. After all, what teenager would know about speakeasies? And what South African or Iranian would for that matter? The ones below, just so you know, are probably aimed mostly at adult residents of the United States.

In any case the point is to find some way to link a word to all three given words, and yes, with a bit of creativity you might find more than one solution.

A Dozen More Word Association Riddles

For each set below, find a word that is related to all three words given:

1. Notch, Flight, Spin

2. Board, Magic, Death

3. Stick, Light, Birthday

4. Strike, Same, Tennis

5. Note, Dive, Chair

6. Ticket, Shop, Broker

7. Lapse, Vivid, Elephant

8. Square, Telephone, Club

9. Silk, Cream, Even

10. High, Book, Sour

11. Bump, Throat, Sum

12. Cherry, Time, Smell

The solutions to these riddles are below...







1. Top
2. Black
3. Candle
4. Match
5. High
6. Pawn
7. Memory
8. Book
9. Smooth
10. Note
11. Lump
12. Blossom

Note: If you check the index for all the riddle and puzzle pages you will find a few more types of word association and word play riddles.

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