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Walking Meditation Using an MP3 Player

To take a walk in a beautiful setting or an engaging environment while in a meditative state is a wonderful experience. How to do that is what this page describes; a walking meditation with an MP3 player and brainwave entrainment download. If you prefer, you can do the more traditional Buddhist practice using these high-tech products. Just download a brainwave entrainment recording to your MP3, and listen to it as you follow the instructions laid out on this web page: Traditional Walking Meditation.

That may be what you are looking for, but if you want something new, read on. There is a way to use your MP3 player that will give you exercise, a meditation session, and a unique experience all in one.

To start with you need to load a good meditation recording directly onto your player, or to your computer and then to the player. It has to be one that uses brainwave entrainment technology (sometimes referred to as "binaural beats"). If you are not yet familiar with what this means, see the following page: What is Brainwave Entrainment. You can find a good example of such products by clicking the banner or link for the Meditation Program (it should be just below or somewhere on this page).

To be safe you should start with one of the recordings that are designed to bring you only down to an alpha state of consciousness. This will not normally cause any problem with falling asleep, especially when walking. As you develop your meditative practices you might try the ones that are meant to take you to deeper levels.

Once you have a good brainwave entrainment download on your player, just put on your headphones, start the track, and take a walk. Most people prefer to walk in a natural setting, but you can experiment with walking city streets or in any other environment. With this technology you do not have to do much to enter a meditative state. You just listen as you walk (although you should have stereo headphones for most products to be effective).

Walking in a varied environment is distracting, and you will probably not achieve the same depth of consciousness that you would with other meditative practices. This is true even if you use the brainwave entrainment recordings which are meant to bring your brain activity into the theta or delta ranges. This is okay, because this type of walking meditation is not meant to allow you to meditate deeply. There are other practices for that (you can find information on those on other pages of the site, all listed on the homepage).

What you will get from using your MP3 meditation recordings while walking is a unique experience. It is not easily described, but generally you should see things differently. The recording will bring you to a state in which your mind is less active in terms of thought, but still very active in terms of observation. To put it another way, you will observe things without the usual filters that are a part of your thinking mind, so you will not look at then the same way.

It can be argued that this is a more truthful way of seeing. We do not always see objectively so much as we see what we think should be there. This is evident in the art of drawing; an untrained eye draws pictures of animals with the legs furthest away too long, because even though we see them as shorter, we "know" they are not, and so we draw then conceptually rather than based on observation. But the science shows that we do not just do this with drawing; we do it as we look at things! With a meditative state that calms the process of conceptualization, we can see more clearly and objectively.

Try a long walk in an interesting place while listening to an MP3 download of a good brainwave entrainment recording. You will enjoy the experience. One of our most highly recommended downloads (you get eight recordings spanning light meditative states to deeper ones), can be found here: The Meditation Program

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