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Some Tricky Trivia Questions

If you quickly glance at the following trivia questions, you might think they are not too difficult. However, most people will get less than half of them right. See if you can get five of the ten.

1. Where did Chinese gooseberries originally come from?

2. Where are Panama hats made?

3. How many years did the "Hundred Years War" last?

4. What color is the "black box" in jet airplanes?

5. What was the first name of King George the sixth?

6. Which animals do we get catgut from?

7. When do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?

8. What is used for the bristles of a "camels hair brush?"

9. What animal is thought to be the source of the name "Canary Islands?"

10. What color are purple finches?





Answers to the Tricky Trivia Questions

1. New Zealand - "Chinese gooseberry" is another name for the kiwi fruit. Its fuzzy exterior reminded somebody of a gooseberry. Note: This one is an error. This fruit is actually native to southern China.

2. Ecuador - Panama hats have always been made in Ecuador, from the leaves of the panama-hat palm. The origin of the name is uncertain, but made popular when Teddy Roosevelt wore his while visiting the Panama canal.

3. 116 years - It was a conflict between England and France, from 1337 to 1453.

4. Orange - The term "black box" means a device that is viewed primarily in terms of its input and output characteristics (you can't see inside it). On planes these are orange to make them easier to find after a crash.

5. Albert - (Albert Frederick Arthur George) He was King of the United Kingdom (1936- 1952), the last Emperor of India until 1947, and the last King of Ireland until 1949.

6. Horses and Sheep - A tough cord used for musical strings, surgical stitching and more, it has never been made from cats. The intestines of horses, sheep, goats, mules, pigs and donkeys have been used.

7. November - It refers to the events of late October, 1917, but the anniversary of the October Revolution is November 7, and was an official holiday in the Soviet Union. This is due to the different calendars used at the time. The Julian calendar was still used in Russia but western countries used the Gregorian calendar, which was later adopted by the Soviet Union.

8. Squirrel Hair - The hair of goats, ponies, bears, and sheep are also used, alone or in combinations. Hair from camels is considered too woolly for brushes, and is never used.

9. Dog - Insula Canaria, a Latin name meaning Island of the Dogs, was applied originally to the island of Gran Canaria. Apparently there were wild dogs that populated many of the islands when they were first visited by ancient Romans.

10. Red and Brown - Males (adult) are normally red on the head, breast, and back. Females are light brown above, white below, and with dark brown streaks throughout.

If you got even three of these tricky questions right, you are doing better than most. If you got seven or more correct, consider yourself a trivia genius.

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