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A Dozen Thought Provoking Questions

The following are meant to... well, provoke thought. They therefore do not have any answers or opinions added to them (well, there is some bias in the phrasing at times, as you will notice, but they still are questions). Read through these thought provoking questions find your own understanding--or more questions.

Is a problem actually as it appears, or is it only a problem because of the way in which we look at it?

Given that most words can never de defined as precisely as numbers, allowing bias and differing meanings to enter the most logical of discussions, how much faith should we have in logic to bring us to the truth?

If an intelligence does not recognize its own limits and reflect on its own operations, is it more of a mechanical process than a conscious one?

Why does the condemnation of the sins and character of others feel like a moral victory when it rights no wrong, involves no love, and may even prevent the noticing and correcting of our own flaws?

If we "shall know them by their fruits," as Jesus said, what does that say about the religions of the world?

If not one politician I vote for is ever elected, how am I represented?

If human rights are seen to include things which must be provided by others, rather than simply freedoms to be protected, doesn't the concept become nothing more than a politically manipulated and ever-changing preference?

If job loss is a bad thing that should be prevented by government, would we be better off if all the jobs of whale-oil lamp makers, wooden wheel sellers, and cabbage patch doll factory workers were still being kept around at government expense?

Why do movie makers who make a living using technologies created from science and go to doctors who would be bleeding them were it not for science, and eat in a world that could not feed a tenth of it's population without science, still insist on showing us primarily the evils of science?

When biologists say that a giraffe has a long neck "in order to reach the leaves higher in the trees," isn't that imputing a purpose or design to nature, and therefore a designer?

One man will spend a thousand dollars feeding his bad habits with little more than temporary pleasures to show for it, while another will invest it or otherwise use it to change his life and the lives of those he loves, so can the value of money even be measured without reference to the wisdom of the person who has it?

Even if the reasons are valid, what kind of results can you actually get in life from blaming others for most of what troubles you?

The logic of a child can prove it wrong, and yet it feels like truth, so what does it actually mean when we say, "anything is possible?"

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