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We all have mind power at a subconscious level. It can be seen in something as simple as automatically smiling when you meet a person, and so improving the odds of getting what you want from that person. It can be the productive way you unconsciously approach a situation. It is the power that comes from good programming of your mind.

How do you program your mind for better subconscious mind power? You do it consciously, one step at a time. You learn a new technique or "program," then you use it consciously until it becomes automatic - an unconscious habit. Two examples follow.

Develop Rapport

Talk to people at the same speed as their speech, and they usually feel more at ease with you. Mirror their expressions and how they sit or stand, and they will also feel more comfortable with you. Salesmen use dozens of simple techniques like these to develop rapport with customers, but they work in all areas of life - not just when selling a product.

Of course, it is difficult to remember and smoothly use ten of these techniques when you meet someone. To make the process easy, you need to train yourself in a technique or two at a time, until they become automatic. Then you start working on the next technique. Soon you'll be subconsciously developing good rapport with everyone you meet. This is subconscious mind power.

Develop Intuition

Einstein had many useful intuitive hunches. Gary Kasparov beats the best chess computers even though the computers can calculate the possible positions many moves further ahead. His experience allows Kasparov to combine analysis with a "sense" of which move is best - a great example of the power of intuition.

Skill, knowledge and experience determine the potential effectiveness of intuition. In other words, a weak chess player will never intuitively beat that computer. Having enough good information in your mind, then, is the first important step towards better intuition.

You also have to encourage your intuitive mind power. You can start by watching for it. During problem solving, note any feelings or hunches you have. Notice when your hunches are useful and when they seem to be just random feelings. Continue this until the whole process becomes a habit, and you'll begin to have more intuition.

Subconscious Mind Power - The Key

From these examples, you can see how you can benefit from "programming" your mind. Just training yourself to regularly ask a simple question, like "What is the best use of my time right now?" can be very powerful. The key? Find any technique that works when used consciously, then use it daily (carry a reminder if you have to) until it becomes a habit. That's how to develop a more powerful mind.

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