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Brain News 2015 - Treat depresion with metaphors?

Brainwriting - And other brain-related reports.

NLP - My explanation of neuro-linguistic programming.

Using Sub-Modalities to Cure a Phobia - An NLP technique.

How to Model Success - An NLP technique explained.

How to Improve Your Working Memory - And what it is.

Effects of Wealth on Psychology and Other News - Five interesting items.

Go to Sleep and Wake Up Smarter? - Maybe...

The Latest Brain and Mind News - Five reports.

How to Think Creatively and Deeply - Various methods.

Psychological Manipulation Using Cognitive Dissonance - Examples are given.

Human Intelligence: News and Commentary - Five interesting items.

Riddles and Puzzles - All riddle and puzzle pages are indexed here.

A Few More Mind Tricks - Use them on yourself and...

Apply That Brainpower - Here are a few examples of how to do that.

Is Animal Intelligence Like That of Humans? - What the reserach shows.

The Habit of Applying What We Learn - How to develop it.

Living the Metaphorical Life - It is inescapable.
Living the Metaphorical Life - Part Two.

Mental Energy Transference Technique - Please try this at home.

Who Has More Nuanced Thinking? - Men or women?

Age-Related Cognitive Decline - Several ways to slow it down are suggested.

Creative Research and How We Think - Doing cheap research.

Brain News and Commentary - How retirement and drug withdrawal affects the brain.

A New Consciousness - Is it possible?

Effective Learning Using Imagination - Try these techniques.

DIY Guided Meditation Audio - Creat your own recordings.

Physical Exercise and the Brain - The evidence is in.

Walking Meditation Using an MP3 Player - A couple things to try.

Ask Many Questions - The more the better for new ideas.

Using Metaphors - Some radical thinking techniques.

Challenge Your Assumptions - And your premises.

How to Use New Perspectives - Examples and ideas.

What is Radical Thinking? - An answer and some exercises.

Brain Reports Roundup - Brainpower in the news...

Talking and Listening for Brainpower - A few ideas and the latest science.

Brainpower Tips You Can Start Using Today - Six good ones.

More Word Association Riddles - A dozen to try.

Random Brain-Related Research - Four short reports.

Our Latest Brainpower News and Information - From early 2013.

Creatine for Boosting Brainpower - How much should you take?

The Fascinating Effects of Words - See what the research shows.

Gender-Based Brain Differences - The research and some commentary.

Experimenting on Yourself - A few suggestions...

Chess and Life - A personal essay.

Brain Related News and Information - Recent research and some tips.

Memory Tricks and Techniques - You can learn and use these today.

Transcendent Experiences? - Magic mushrooms and more...

The Internet Changes Brains - And will continue to do so.

Sleep on It - How to have more creative solutions.

Some Food for Thought - A couple things to think about.

Latest Brain News - A roundup of interesting items.

Your Quick Thinking Subconscious Mind - Latest research.

Is it Important to Increase Your IQ? - Maybe... or maybe not.

How Smart Are You - It matters how you answer.

IQ by Country - Why is intelligence higher in some areas?

Yes You Can Increase Your Intelligence - Here's the latest research.

Creativity Research - Some of the latest findings.

Brain Science Findings - Some of the latest.

Body and Mind Research - The latest.

An Old Brain - Some research.

Brain Training Exercises - Do they really work?

Thoughts on Thinking - Four ideas for better thoughts.

Everyday Creativity - Three things to practice.

Subliminal Techniques - A few examples.

Latest Psychological Research - Three studies worth noting.

Rationality and Evidence - We might not be as rational as we think.

Latest Brain Research - Religion and cell phones.

Subconscious Influence - Studies on the effect of words.

Predict the Future - By reading body and mind.

Identity and Sloppy Thinking - All about the "is."

Deep Thinking - A couple guidelines to follow.

Too Smart - Sometimes our intelligence is used against us.

Philosophical Quotes - A collection of some favorites.

Thought Provoking Questions - More than a dozen good ones.

Benefits of Meditation - There are more than you might think.

The Meaning of Dreams? - What some research shows...

Fear and the Brain - What you can do to think more clearly when afraid.

Are You Smart - The right answer is...

Some Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence - How close are we?

Mental Exercise - What it does for You - And which types are best.

What is an Average? - An explanation.

Inventing a Brain Game - I interview the creator.

Creative Insight - What limits it.

Exercising the Brain - An email from a subscriber.

The Effects of Pesticides on IQ - They're not good.

Mental Software and Hardware - An explanation.

Using Critical Analysis - An example.

Three Mind Exercises - Get your mental workout.

What-if Questions: How to Use Them - Some examples.

Electrical Brain Stimulation - The latest research.

Does Ginkgo Biloba Work - A look at the evidence.

Using Creative Visualization - For fun and profit.

Brain Function - Questions from readers of the newsletter, with my answers.

Investment Odds - A Way of Thinking - Applying poker lessons to life.

DHA and Folic Acid for Brain Power - A look at the evidence.

Radical Ideas - How to Have Them - Some good techniques.

How to Lie with Statistics - A few examples.

Are Some People Born Lucky? - An answer.

What is Humor? - Several theories.

How to be Funny - Tips on inventing jokes.

Deductive and Inductive Reasoning - Examples.

How to Become a Genius - And what the word means.

Deep Questions of the Mind - Along with some answers or opinions.

Six Short Funny Riddles - Originals!

How to Boost the Power of the Mind - My experience.

More Powerful Questions - To get you thinking...

Mental Math Shortcuts - Two examples.

False Beliefs All? - Can the truth be in words?

What is Intelligence? - An answer or two.

Piracetam: My Experience - I like it.

Try This Ten Minute Speed Reading Course - The basics.

Creating Out of Body Experiences? - The latest research.

How to Open Your Mind - A couple powerful techniques.

The Ultimate Brain Food? - Supplements to consider.

Simple Tools to Increase Your Brain Power - A checklist?

Difficult Questions to Ponder - A short list.

Brain Nutrition Questions and Answers - Six questions answered.

Brain-Wave Marketing - A look at what neuromarketers are doing.

How to Think Out of The Box - A simple example.

The Power Trip - Enemy of Clear Thinking - A look at the research.

How Do I Explain Psychic Powers? - Find out here.

Power of Mind - Questions and Answers - My replies to emails.

Improve Brainpower - Newsletter Q and A - My replies to your questions.

A Basic Mind Training Exercise - A how to guide.

Brain and Mind Q and A - My answers to some questions.

Mind Metaphors - A few good ones.

Some Interesting Questions - Brainpower exercise.

The Dangerous Power of The Mind - Using it carefully.

Mental Powers - When Do They Decline? - Sooner than you think.

Identifying and Using Principles - How to be a better thinker,

Examples of Thinking Outside the Box - Real life and random ideas.

Does a Big Brain Help? - Is mental function related to brain size?

A Cure for Alzheimer's? - At least in mice so far.

Everyday Brain Damage - Common neurotoxins.

My Brain Pills Test - Read all about my self-experimentation.

Creativity Tips - Two basic questions to ask.

Tips for Preventing Alzheimer's - Based on the latest research.

Brain Supplements - A Review - Several reviews actually.

Better Life

Children and Education - Beyond School

My Favorite Creativity Quotes

How to Have Creative Concepts

Two Easy Meditation Techniques

Twenty-Seven Test Taking Tips

How to Improve Memory

A Guide to How to Forget

The Best Brain Foods

Six Memory Tips

Boost Your Creativity Quotient

Creative Play

Which Meditation CD Is Best?

Using a Meditation MP3

The Best Meditation Music

Word Association Test

Relaxation Music - How to Choose

Serious Creativity

Unlock Your Creativity

Self Awareness

Becoming a Deep Thinker

The Intelligence of Self Observation

Questions Without Answers

Reductio ad Absurdum

Lateral Thinking Examples

The Effects of Caffeine on the Brain

Real Life Lateral Thinking Problems

The Effects of Stress on Brainpower

Words Ending in GRY and Other Riddles

How to Be More Creative

IQ Questions

A Creativity Test?

Mind Games

Things that Cause a Lower IQ

Solving Problems More Creatively

IQ Test or IA Test?

Personal Mind Control Experiments

Critical Thinking Skills

Riddles and Brain Teasers

Everything Happens for a Reason?

Three Problem Solving Methods

Three New Thinking Games

Butterfly Effect on Thinking

Get Smarter or Appear Smarter

How to Solve Word Problems

Problem Solving Technique

An Open Mind?


Tricky Trivia Questions

Think Twice

Easiest Memory System?

Creative Inspiration and Work

Creativity and Insanity

Ways to Be Dumber

Big Questions

Problem Solving Strategies

In other Words

Real Secret of Attraction

Make Your Own Affirmations

Out of the Box Thinking

Five Tough Riddles

Six Easy Riddles

Nine Short Riddles

More Online Riddles

Poem Riddles

Brainstorming Session - A Warm Up

Word Analysis

Mindfulness for Better Brainpower

Beyond Reason

Not the Paul Harvey Riddle Again!

Puzzles - Find the Word

More Free Puzzles

More Online Puzzles

Increase Your Mind Power

Problem Solving Power

How to Have Good Luck

Habits for More Creative Ideas

Problem Solving Skills

The Power of Intention?

More Math Puzzles

A Decision Making Process

Secret Codes

The Art of Thinking

More Neurobic Exercises

Brainpower Research

Can You Tell if Someone Is Lying?

Word Puzzles

The Lie Detector Test



A Sense Of Humor And Brainpower

Code Breaking

How to Break Codes

What Do Dreams Mean?

Odd Facts

Funny Quotes

Do Polygraph Tests Detect Lies?

IQ Can Be Increased

Stroop Test

Luck Test

Rational Opinions

Famous High School Dropouts

Brainpower - A Definition

Mind Body

Increase Brainpower

Math Shortcuts

Anti-Memory Pill?

Playing With Metaphors

Be a Better Problem Solver

Subconscious Mind Power

Human Error

Creative Ideas

Fun Experiments on Your Brain

Problem Solving in a Dream

Mental Telepathy

Hard Logic Riddles

Brainpower Quiz

Brainpower Quiz Solutions

Let's Make a Deal Riddle

Kids Jokes | Kids Riddles

Stupid Jokes

Power Nap

How to Have New Ideas

Learning Skills

Thinking Skills

Creative Loafing

Learning Style

Strange Facts

Brain Fog

High IQ

Free Riddles

Funny Sayings

Number Puzzles

Math Puzzles

Riddle Answers - How to Get Them

Creative Writing Ideas

Writing Jokes and Riddles

The GRY Riddle and other Word Play

Read Minds

Funny Thoughts

IQ Scale

Brain Facts

Probability Lesson

Word Riddles

Above Average IQ Score How-to Guide

Lateral Thinking

Math Riddles

Memory Exercises

Mindfulness Exercises

Problem Solving Techniques

How to Brainstorm

Using "What If" to Find Creative Solutions

More Ways to Solve Problems

Good Problem Solving Technique

Brain Drugs

Brain Foods

Brain Teasers Riddles

More Free Brain Teasers

Famous People with Learning Disabilities

Boost Brain Power by Writing

Learn a Language

Brain Wave Entrainment

Secrets of Mind Power

Brainstorming - Preparation

Brainstorming Tools

Really Funny Jokes

Twisted Humor

Increase Creativity

Thinking Outside The Box

Hard Riddles

Creative Thinking

Binaural Beats

Persuasion Techniques

Eye Tricks

How to Tell if Someone Is Lying

Subliminal Persuasion

Mind Puzzles

New Ideas

Improve IQ

Creative Imagination

Brain Exercises

Right Brain Left Brain

How to Stop Worrying

Mind Tricks

Mental Training

Einstein's Riddle

Philosophy Quotes

Funny Riddles

Difficult Riddles

Logic Riddles

Brain Exercise

Brainpower Tips Contest

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Children and Books

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Advantages of Bilingual Education

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