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Six Short Funny Riddles

The following short funny riddles are unique to this site. Well, I did borrow the basic idea for some of them from other riddles out there, but they are not exactly like any others.

1. Buffalo have been shown to have more hair on one side rather than the other. Which side has more hair?

2. There is a book which at one time was owned only by rich people. Now everyone can have it, but it usually isn't for sale and can't be borrowed from the public library. What book is it?

3. 1999 dimes are worth almost $200. Why?

4. A teacher had sixteen students, and all but ten quit school. How many students did he have left?

5. A woman is shot, held under water for five minutes, and hung, but a short time later she goes to dinner with the man who did all this. How is this possible?

6. How many blocks of stone did it take to complete one of the pyramids?


The solutions? Look below.










1. The outside!

2. A telephone book (only the wealthy had phones when they first were made).

3. Because 1999 dimes add up to $199.90 - almost $200!

4. Ten of course ("all but ten")

5. The man was a photographer; he shot a photo of her, developed it in solution and hung it up to dry. (This one will get harder with age, as more people use digital cameras and forget how photos used to be developed.)

6. Just one block - the last one!

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