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Riddles and Puzzles Index Page

We have many pages of riddles, brain teasers, word play tricks, and puzzles to exercise your brain. This is where you'll find all of them, as well as other pages that have mental exercises. You can also receive more riddles and puzzles in the Brainpower Newsletter, and if you subscribe (use the form on the homepage or in the side bar to the left) you can reply to any weekly issue in order to send me new ones to include.

More Word Association Riddles - Try these riddles that are taken from a pysychological test.

What Is Humor? - A more serious look at jokes.

How to Be Funny - Some joke-writing tips.

Six Short Funny Riddles - Found nowhere else!

Words Ending in GRY and Other Riddles - Six, including the "six i's" challenge.

Riddles and Brain Teasers - A few difficult ones.

Palindromes - A look at some single-word ones as well as phrases.

Tricky Trivia Questions - See if you can get three of the ten.

Five Tough Riddles and Six Easy Riddles - A couple new pages.

What Are Poem Riddles? - Here are a few good examples...

More Online Riddles - A few new ones here...

Nine Short Riddles - Another page of short ones...

Not The Paul Harvey Riddle Again! - The myth of the riddle which kindergartners can get right more often than seniors at Stanford University.

Latest... Puzzles - Find The Word and More Free Puzzles and More Online Puzzles

More Math Puzzles - A few more math puzzles to exercise that brain.

Word Puzzles - Four new puzzles involving words.

Secret Codes - A list of (and links to) all the pages on codes, ciphers and cryptograms.

Code Breaking - With a letter frequency table for letters in English, and a coded message.

More on How to Break Codes - The solution to the coded message, along with a short lesson.

Cryptogram Puzzles - A very simple Caesar cipher, and a more difficult puzzle.

Wordplay - How many times can you use a word consecutively in a sentence?

Funny Quotes - A collection of funny quotes.

That Riddle About That "That" - I got a lot of flack about this one, so I explain it here.

What Am I? Riddles - A small collection.

More Good Riddles - Nine more to exercise your brain.

Let's Make a Deal Riddle - The famous probability problem that stumped many logicians.

Kids Jokes | Kids Riddles - Ten of them (8 riddles and two jokes).

Stupid Jokes - They may be stupid, but they'll make you laugh.

Free Riddles - More riddles and a lateral thinking puzzle.

Funny Sayings - A small collection to make you exercise your brain and sense of humor.

Number Puzzles - A classic, a code-breaking puzzle, and some algebra.

Hard Logic Riddles - Using scales the fewest number of times...

Math Puzzles - Enjoy!

Riddle Answers - How to Get Them - A few techniques for solving riddles.

Writing Jokes and Riddles - How to do this as a great brain exercise.

The GRY Riddle and Other Word Play - Name the four words that end in "dous."

Lateral Thinking Puzzles - An introduction to basic lateral thinking puzzles.

Brain Teasers Riddles - A man was just doing his job when his suit was torn. Why did he die three minutes later? Find this and other brain teasers here.

Difficult Riddles - A man has twelve toothpicks in front of him. He takes one away, and now he has nine in front of him. How is this possible? Find out on this riddle page.

Einstein's Riddle - Are you in the 2% that can solve it?

Free Brain Teasers - Find out why a man could fall out of a plane and survive, and test your skills on a dozen more brain teasers.

Funny Riddles : What did the kamikaze instructor tell his students? Find out here.

Lateral Thinking : A definition and a few more lateral thinking puzzles.

Math Riddles - Six math riddles to exercise your logical brain.

Hard Riddles - What English word retains the same pronunciation, even after you take away four of its five letters? Get the solution to that and 22 others.

Word Riddles: Word riddles, and a few tests of your lateral thinking ability.

Mind Puzzles - From simple number puzzles to creating jokes.

Really Funny Jokes - Jokes are included here because they are like lateral thinking exercises.

Twisted Humor - Jokes that are a little more "off color."

Logic Riddles - Ones that take basic logical reasoning instead of lateral thinking.

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