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Yes, it's true! You can become a master problem solver.

Imagine finding solutions to your problems (business, scientific, personal and more) while driving or relaxing at home. Would it feel good if people came to you when they needed creative solutions to their problems? Would you like to easily invent new products? You can make it happen. Just read and apply the lessons in the new e-book, Problem Solving Power.

My mind feels great. Everything I've learned so far is a step in the right direction. - Jay J

Would you like to know how to generate 100 new ideas in an evening? Check out Chapter Five. It is on turning problems into opportunities. Some of the best new inventions out there have come from solving life's simple problems and irritations.

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Want to solve your personal problems, like what to do about a unfriendly boss or how to get a date or what you should do with your life? You might challenge your assumptions, as explained in Chapter Seven. This is a powerful technique for coming up with new solutions.

Want to have fun inventing new concepts and solutions? "Concept Combination" (Chapter Two) is essentially just combining two things or ideas to see what you get. "Rain" plus "garden hose" may lead to a system that saves rainwater and automatically waters plants for weeks. You can use this powerful idea-generating technique to produce hundreds of new concepts.

Note: I can't promise any specific results. It all depends on many factors, including how well you apply the principles in the book and how persistent you are. But if you feel you really can't get enough value from the book you can ask for a refund for up to eight weeks after purchase.

Here is some of what you'll get when you buy the book:

Make problem solving a habit, so solutions will come automatically, with almost no effort.

You'll learn several ways to boost your brainpower in minutes.

Dream up a dozen new inventions in an hour.

Improve your concentration immediately with a neat little technique.

The two step plan to increase your creativity.

How to "trick" your body and mind into a high-motivation state.

Foods that hurt your creative problem solving efforts.

I ordered the creativity/problem solving ebook and think that it is one of the best,
and to the point, product on the subject of creativity. - Lioz S

In less than three weeks you can be looking at things differently, more creatively, if you apply what you'll learn in this e-book. You can see the value in information like this. In fact, I can even guarantee the value (more on that in a moment). I have revealed some of it in bits and pieces, through websites, articles, courses and newsletters. Here's what people have said about those:

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"I very much enjoy reading your brain power newsletter and the book." - Annie

"Steve, I find myself more aware of how my mind is thinking... Thank you for this course." - Nancy Parker

"I am deeply grateful... I have been exposed to many things that I did not know before..." - Forwah E

That's Absurd!

Buy the report. You will learn how to choose the best technique for your situation. If you want to find a way to make your relationships better, you might use a simple technique like "Doing What Others Have Done" (Chapter Twenty-Two). It is exactly what it sounds like, by the way, but with some important pointers on mistakes to avoid when using other's solutions.

On the other hand, what if you want to come up with truly innovative new household products? You could try the technique called "Assume The Absurd." You start with "absurd" ideas, like "What if lights produced sound instead of light?" Then you find a way to make them into usable ideas. By the way, lights that emit sounds might be a nifty product for people who are blind. Using the sounds, they could orient themselves in a room, or follow a hallway easily.


Learn the three essential rules of problem solving in Chapter Thirty.

Chapter Thirty-One has a list of the top three techniques for various types of problems.

Solve a problem by causing the problem (Chapter Ten).

How to use metaphors to solve problems (Chapter Twenty-Three).

A great problem solving technique that came to me in a dream (true story - Chapter Eight).

Chapter Twenty-One shows you how to have your own ideas come to you while sleeping.

Develop your intuition using the steps in Chapter Thirty-Two.

Learn how to be more creative with the techniques in Chapter Thirty-Three.

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