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Wouldn't it feel good if you were the one people came to when they needed a sharp mind to help them? Or imagine finding creative solutions to your problems (business or personal) while you are driving or relaxing at home. Applying what you learn from this site is a good start, but will you remember to do that? Guess what? I'll remind you. Your first name and e-mail address - that's all it takes.

In each weekly issue of The Mind Power Report (formerly the Brainpower Newsletter) you'll get tips and information you can put to use immediately. You'll hear about the latest discoveries before others do. How about ways to generate great new ideas? Those will be featured regularly. What type of music helps brain function? You'll learn that too. There is no cost, so why not sign up now?

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I'm Steve Gillman, and I've studied how our minds work for many decades. I published the Brainpower Newsletter for over seven years, but I wanted to focus more on the mind. Why? I'll explain briefly...

The "brain" of a computer is what we call hardware, and that's important, but the software or "mind" is what makes it function for practical purposes. What would your computer or smart phone do for you without an operating system or apps?

In a similar way a powerful brain is great to have, but there is a limit to how much you can accomplish by boosting working on this "hardware." You might add a few IQ points or improve your memory. It is your mind, the "software," that makes your thinking processes powerful. For example, a simple process for asking questions can accomplish so much more than any number of nutritional supplements or brain exercises, and exercises in imagination that he called "mind experiments" led Albert Einstein to many of his best ideas. Those are just two techniques for using the mind more effectively. I'll be covering dozens more in The Mind Power Report.

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I understand. Perhaps you are too busy, and reading a newsletter will take another few minutes of your time. Maybe you are just wary of signing up for anything. Whatever the reason, I know this isn't for everyone. Let me assure you though, that I never spam or give out your name or address. You can also easily unsubscribe if you ever want to, using the link at the bottom of every newsletter. Here are a few comments from subscribers to the former Brainpower Newsletter and The Mind Power Report:

Thank you, Steve, thank for your article and the link to metaphorology: It is fantastic. - Bernard M

Dear Steve, thanks a lot for the Mind Power Report emailed to me today! Every time your messages are interesting and educational! - Victor D

Nice newsletter, really like your work! Last riddle & the article on can animals think the way we do, were really good. - Abhishek D

Me agrada mucho tu newsletter, siempre lo leo. - Angel Q

I should have mentioned that you have a pretty cool newsletter. Thanks for doing it. - Lucky F

Thanks a lot and keep sending great content! - Said B

Thanks for this valuable information. I want more! - Jagadish T

Dear Steve, Another fantastic newsletter. Every edition brings me something to help my brain, and it is very exciting to actually be able to pay attention and notice the improvement. Jill D

Everyone I know who receives this weekly "treat" loves it! So do I! - Barbara R

Steve, Thanks for sending the newsletter every week. I enjoy it thoroughly. - Alejandra A

Hey Steve, ...thanks for the newsletter, it's really thought provoking and helpful, the ideas and facts you presented. - Isel P

Hello Sir, ... I am very much thankful to you for all these articles you send... Please don't stop sending me these articles and I will not stop thanking you. - Ghulam M

You certainly put out an amazing newsletter! - Marybeth G

I really appreciate you sending these newsletters... they're all highly intriguing and give lots of insight on so many things." - Keir C

God bless you Steve. You know, I love your newsletter. - Nathan C

Incredible newsletter! Keep up the good work. - Ali A

Awesome newsletter. It reminds in kind of one of my favorite thinking teachers, Edward DeBono, and his thoughts on "lateral thinking! - Darrell P

I know you have an interest in making your mind more powerful, or you wouldn't have read this far. But maybe you're still wondering what you'll find in the newsletter. Here is some of what I'll cover:

How to see things in new ways by asking the right questions.

Techniques for generating as many new ideas as you want.

How to develop your intuition (and no "psychic" explanation is needed).

A method for improving your focus and concentration.

Learning a language can increase the range of your possible thoughts, and I'll explain how.

Techniques for systematically increasing your creativity.

Do you remember the last time you tried a memory system? Was it too complicated or difficult? Not all of them are, as you'll see.

I report on the latest brain science too, but my bias is toward mind tricks and techniques that can be applied to practical goals. Every issue will also have a riddle and a weekly mind power practice. Why not subscribe right now...

This newsletter will change the way you think!

Hi Steve, When I read the Brain Power News letter is coming to an end I felt sorry. However, the present news letter is definitely better and I wish you good luck. - A.V.R.


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