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Try This Mental Energy Transference Technique

The following mind power trick or technique is one of my favorite types, because it can be explained in a few paragraphs and easily tested by anyone within a few minutes. Regular readers of The Mind Power Report (formerly the Brainpower Newsletter) know I'm a big fan of safe self-experimentation. Well, this is one technique for boosting mental energy that I have experimented with on myself many times. The results are clear: it works for me. You'll have to try it yourself to see if it useful for you.

To explain it we will start with a common problem. Some particular mental challenge is necessary, but you are bored by it. It might be an exam you have to take, a paper you have to write, or a marketing plan you have to develop for your business. We all have different interests and inherent dispositions, so each of us will have varying degrees of excitement and motivation for particular actions we need to take. And, as you know from experience, sometimes you just can't focus on what you need to be doing. You struggle to keep your mind engaged, but it feels like it is shutting down, going to sleep.

To state the problem as a question:

How do you boost your mental energy in order to complete the task at hand?

One solution is to generate the necessary mental excitement and motivation by going in another direction, and then transferring it back to the work you need to do. Try the following technique.

Stop whatever it is that's giving you difficulty and find someone to talk to about something -- anything -- that is interesting to you. The more passionate you are about the subject the better this will work. After several minutes you should feel your mind "waking up" as a result of this conversation. At that point end the conversation and return to the difficult task while you are still wide awake and feeling energized.

Now, in my experience the enthusiasm won't directly transfer. In other words, you won't suddenly feel excited about the work in front of you that was boring and tedious just minutes before. But, on the other hand, the increased energy and enhanced brain function created by your temporary foray into some fun and/or fascinating thinking will continue for a while, helping you work more effectively. When the effect starts to wear off you can repeat the process.

What if you have nobody with whom to have a short, fascinating discussion? I can get the same effect by writing about any of the many topics in which I have a strong interest. You might try other things to wake up that brain and generate mental energy, like quickly doing a puzzle or mentally inventing a new kind of furniture for your office. Take note of any process that gets you energized in a few minutes, and try using it. Wake up your brain and do the more tedious work while you are still in that state.

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