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What's the Best Meditation Music?

Some say that the best music for meditation is baroque music. It seems to have some meditative effect on listeners. However, it may just be particular pieces which have the right number of beats-per-minute to affect your brainwaves (to lower them). Here are three compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach which are commonly recommended:

1. Prelude From Cello Suite

2. Allemande (Cello Suite 3)

3. Be Thou Near Me

Some compositions by by Frederick Handel are also common choices. Others swear by the works by Ravi Shankar and other eastern composers, while some listen to Jazz and claim that's the best meditation music. Obviously opinions vary, and though the research has shown some effects on the brain - especially from baroque selections, most of the various types of music have not been looked into.

You might say then that the best meditation music is whichever type works best for you. I happen to like the sound of rain on a meditation CD, whether or not there is also music. You might like the sound of Native American flutes playing. But beyond our personal preferences, there is something else to consider.

Once science proved that sound can effect our brainwaves, meditators did not limit themselves to looking for the best music to do that. More than one person or company began to create the right sounds to slow those brainwaves. They embedded certain beats into music, and this became the basis for the technology of "brainwave entrainment."

Though music is often used for the background on these CDs or MP3s, it is these "binaural beats" that cause the effect. having tried several different products, I can say that they do what they are supposed to do. My meditation CDs slow my brainwaves to the alpha range (8 - 14 hertz) in minutes, putting me into a relaxed meditative state of consciousness. Those that bring brainwaves to the theta range (4 - 8 hertz) either facilitate deep meditation or put me to sleep (don't lay down if you want to avoid this).

Although rain and other sounds of nature are used as background, most brainwave entrainment CDs use music. I suggest skipping the meditation music CDs that contain only music, and trying true brainwave entrainment products. My wife found that her threshold for stress and general self awareness was raised significantly when using Holosync CDs, and we have both used others, including making our own our own.

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Best Meditation Music?

My recommendation:

The Meditation Program. A cheap "sounds of nature" meditation CD will relax you - at least if you like the music and other sounds. But it just can't put you into a meditative state like good brainwave entrainment audios. This program is one of the best - and is still affordable. Use this link for details:

The Meditation Program


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