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Which Meditation CD?

You can certainly buy a single CD to try out a guided meditation or brainwave entrainment experience. If that's what you are looking for, I'll recommend one in a moment. But a good program will have several recordings that will each bring you to a different state of consciousness, so you have a lighter meditation (perhaps to help you generate creative ideas) or a deeper meditation (for relaxation and increased self awareness).

I have tried six or seven meditation CDs over the years. Those using "binaural beats" or whatever they call their brainwave entrainment technology work wonders for for putting me in a relaxed state. And yes, the science behind this is real. Beats or other sounds embedded into the music or other background causes your brainwaves to slow to the alpha range (8 to 14 hertz, or cycles-per-second), theta range (4 to 8 hertz), and sometimes delta (below 5 hertz - normally deep sleep). The bottom line: they put you in a meditative state, and you won't need a scientific study to know they work.

All the ones I've tried have worked to some extent, but there are differences, so here are some more specific things I've noticed about each meditation CD:

Binaural Beats - This company has quality meditation CDs with a decent guarantee. They start at around $30 or so, and if you've never tried a brain wave entrainment product because of the cost, this is where you can buy one at a time: Binaural Beats. (I get a commission on sales.) But keep in mind that you may end up wanting a more complete meditation CD program.

Silva Ultramind Program - I quickly slipped into a relaxed state with the audio they let me try, which used a guided meditation and brainwave entrainment. However, I didn't like the fact that they focus too much on the paranormal aspects. I am not convinced that I'm going to start reading minds or picking winning lottery numbers by using their program (yes they do make some wild claims), so I passed on this one.

The Holosync Program - From Centerpointe Research Institute, this was my favorite for years. Both my wife and I loved the results. It was fascinating at first (for myself it was almost hallucinogenic at times), and later was an easy way to meditate or just relax. We both still use their CDs, and my wife found that she was not only less stressed after using them, but became more self-aware. These are powerful CDs, and Centerpointe provides great customer support and service.

They were a bit expensive though (over $100 for "The Awakening Prologue"), and after the first level they wanted even more for each subsequent one. Continue to the deepest levels of meditation using their CDs, and you'll likely spend a couple thousand dollars in total. But because of the quality of their products and support, I don't want to discourage anyone from using them.

Homemade Meditation CDs - A couple years ago we bought software to make our own brainwave entrainment CDs. For myself it was a very tedious process to learn how to make it work (my wife is better at the technical stuff). The result was audio recordings that put me to sleep or into a meditative state, but the sound quality was not too good. I don't recommend trying this unless you really like to play with sound recording technology or plan to start selling your own meditation CDs.

The Meditation Program - I discovered this source a short time ago, and bought the downloadable MP3s to save a little money. I skipped the "Registration Backup Service," which replaces the audios for up to a year if you lose them, and just made copies in my computer and on CDs. They include a link to the Microsoft page that explains how to burn CDs with the Windows Media Player, which was helpful. I needed my wife's help to download and unzip the files initially. If you aren't familiar with zip files and downloading audios, it is probably worth the extra to just have the CDs sent to you by mail.

You get all levels with this program - no expensive up-sells later. It comes as six CDs or eight MP3 downloads with eight levels. A few days before writing this I listened to a meditation CD from this program, and as it ended I thought, "There's something wrong - it just started a few minutes ago." But when I looked at the clock I saw that an hour had passed. I felt very relaxed and refreshed. I believe these are just as powerful as my Holosync CDs, and at the moment they are my favorite brainwave entrainment CDs. The ad in the side panel has a link to the Meditation Program if you want to know more.

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The Meditation Program

Eight levels take you from the beginner (mid-Alpha) through to super-advanced (mid-Delta). Use this link to get more information or to buy the program:

The Meditation Program

My favorite meditation CDs. As soon as I finish writing this, I'm going to relax and meditate with the level five CD for an hour. - Steve


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