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GRY Riddle and other Word Play

The "gry riddle" is simply this: Name two English words that end in the letters "gry." You'll find the solution at the bottom of the page. Here are some other riddles and word play for you.

1. Name a word that has all five vowels in it, in the same order they are found in the alphabet.

2. Spelled differently, but pronounced the same, one per day for a healthy life and one to weigh a gift for your wife. What are these words?

3. What is the only English word that ends in the letters "mt"?

4. Name the only five words in the English language that end in "dous."

5. Name at least two words that have "uu" in them.

6. What does the "HEPA" stand for in "HEPA Filter?"

More Word Play

Rearrange the letters of "George Bush" and you get "He bugs Gore."






The GRY Riddle Answer

Hungry and Angry

Note: A Brainpower Newsletter subscriber tells me that, "Gry was a word that is listed in the 1936 Websters unabridged dictionary. Its definition is 1/10 of a line. This was implemented before the U.S. started using mili, micro etc. It was used to describe a very small width." (Thanks John)

Also, the following now appear in some dictionaries:

Puggry: A light scarf wound around a hat or helmet to protect the head from the sun.

Aggry: Applied to a kind of variegated glass beads of ancient manufacture; as, aggry beads are found in Ashantee and Fantee in Africa.

The Word Play Answers

1. Here are two (there may be more): facetious and abstemious.

2. Carrot, the vegetable, and caret, the measurement of the weight of a diamond.

3. Dreamt.

4. Tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, arduous, and hazardous.

5. Vacuum, residuum, or continuum.

6. "High Efficiency Particulate Air" (filter), or less commonly "High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing" or "High Efficiency Particle Arrestor"

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