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Eye Tricks and Mind Reading

There is a trick you can do with your eyes in order to subliminally influence a person. It's described a few paragraphs below. But most of the techniques covered here are about how to watch for reactions in people's eyes in order to gain some insight into what's happening in their minds. So let's look at what you can determine from watching someone else's eyes. I start with obvious yet under-utilized clues...

Basic Observation

If you watch and note what people are watching, along with any reactions they have to what they see, you can learn a lot about them. This is very obvious stuff, and yet not used too often by most of us. For example, if you pay attention to what kind of women a man looks you'll probably be more able to predict his future thoughts and actions. He is likely to look at and approach, and perhaps be influenced, by women who are similar. What about television habits? Which screen does he watch in the pub; one with a football game playing or one with the political news? Note whether he seems bored or interested as he looks at different things and you'll have some insight into his mind.

Eyes and Subliminal Tricks

Here's a simple experiment you can try right now. Stand in front of a mirror and watch your eyes as you vividly imagine something pleasurable. Just think of a beautiful scene, a woman or man you like, a plate of your favorite food, or whatever else will create desire in you. If you have a good visual imagination you'll see your pupils getting larger almost immediately. If your results aren't noteworthy try to visualize moving (and pleasurable) scenes rather than static pictures. The effect is likely to be more pronounced in those who have the ability and habit of imagining things with lots of visual details.

Practice this a bit and you can make your pupils instantly larger at will just by imagining certain scenes. When you want to shrink your pupils back down to a smaller size you can look at a light or you can imagine a non-pleasurable scene.

You probably already knew that your pupils get smaller in bright light and larger when it gets darker, but they also grow larger when you are aroused, interested and receptive. In other words they get bigger when you see what you like. But interestingly they also get bigger even if you just vividly imagine something you would like to see.

This is not exclusively a sexual response. If, for example, you love to fish, your pupils may get big just thinking about a lake you love to visit. Imagining anything you like to look at can make your pupils bigger. You can verify this with a mirror and a bit of imagination.

That much has been adequately demonstrated by various scientific experiments, and you can prove it to yourself as suggested. But what is also likely is that even without your conscious knowledge of this effect you have some recognition of it at a subconscious level. If so, you probably respond to the pupils of others without realizing it, recognizing on some level that if their pupils shrink as they look at you they don't like what they see and conversely that if they get bigger the person likes looking at and interacting with you.

Now, how would you respond to what you see in another's eyes? Specifically, how would you react on an unconscious level if the pupils of the person looking at you got significantly larger? If my guess is correct (and if you stumble upon any scientific studies to back this up let me know), you would know at some level that the person likes you and therefore you would probably like that person more that you might otherwise. We tend to like people who like us, after all (no science required for that assumption).

Now turn that around. By enlarging your pupils at will you might attract others to you, and effectively establish rapport with them more quickly. This is one of the easier subliminal tricks. Whether such a subliminal mind trick is ethical or not is your call, but I suspect that there are people who do this, and maybe it has been used on you, so it is good to know about it.

Now, before you get too excited about controlling all the people around you, keep in mind that these are not precise or infallible techniques. If a woman in front of you looks toward a lamp as she turns to face you, her pupils can shrink because of the light. If a man suddenly thinks about some ugly scene and has a good imagination, his pupils could shrink from that, even if he happens to be looking at you and likes you. It is best to consider the signals in others as indicating a higher probability of liking or not liking what they see, without much certainty.

Of course empires have been built on playing the odds, and there is another aspect to experiment with here. Preferably you'll try this out openly with a friend rather than trying to play tricks on people, but here we go...

Using the signal of pupil size changes isn't necessarily restricted to just determining someone's first impression of you. Since you know that vividly imagining anything one likes to see can cause pupils to get bigger (and the converse is true -- they get smaller when mentally seeing ugly scenes), you can go a step further. You can ask questions and make suggestions in order to elicit imagined scenes in someone's head, and watch to see how the eyes react.

For example, if you ask a friend to describe two places he has been, and he has a vivid imagination, you might be able to determine which place he liked better from watching his eyes light up and pupils enlarge. Or you could be the one offering descriptions of places, people or things, in order to see which ones cause larger pupils. This is essentially a crude way to read someone's mind, and the "confession" made by the eyes might not have been made openly. Is this ethical when the one you're watching doesn't know what's going on? Probably not in most circumstances, but again, it's good to know what tricks others might try on us.

More Eye Watching Tricks

You can tell what people's minds are doing when they are thinking or when they are asked to remember something, according to neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioners. The following is said to be true for most right handed people, and you can reverse all this for left-handed people. As you face them, if his or her eyes go...

Up to the right - He is remembering a visual image.

Up to the left - He is constructing a visual image.

Right - He is remembering sounds or conversation.

Left - He is constructing sounds or conversations.

Down to the right - He is in an internal dialog.

Down to the left - He is accessing kinesthetic feelings, tastes and smells.

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