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Ten Energy Boosters

More energy equals better brainpower. I've had problems with fatigue and a lack of energy all my life. It would be wonderful to know why. I've asked doctors, read books, and researched the subject online. In the end I've decided that some questions just won't be answered in my lifetime.

Fortunately, I've also learned that even without discovering the root causes of my tiredness, there are things I can do to alleviate it. The following are some of energy boosters that have worked for me and others over the years. It may help to use several at once.

Energy Boosters

1. Deep breathing. Three slow deep breaths through the nose help oxygenate the blood supply better, and especially seems to wake up the brain. As those of you who meditate may already know, breathing through the nose uses your diaphragm more and draws the air deeper into your lungs.

2. Move around. Often just getting up and washing the dishes, or walking around the house helps boost energy levels.

3. Listen to energetic music. Different types of music have different effects on us, but you can do this one by trial and error. Once you find the ones that work for you, keep them ready.

4. Try "energy drinks." The verdict isn't in on most of them, but it's a cheap option to try. I seem to get something from the ones with Ginkgo Biloba in them.

5. Get better sleep. As long as you get at least five hours of sleep, the quality seems to be more important than the quantity.

6. Talk about something interesting. Get a tired person to talk about something they're passionate about, and watch their energy level rise. This one really works well.

7. Drink a cup of coffee. Caffeine makes some of us more tired when it's abused, but short-term, it can work wonders.

8. Exercise. This is a longer term solution, but many people notice an increase in their energy level when they get regular aerobic exercise.

9. Take a hot and cold shower. One minute of hot water, one minute of cold, alternating for six minutes. This isn't for those with weak hearts, but it will wake you up. Incidentally, research shows that this also revs up the immune system.

10. Get outside. Sometimes a little sunshine and fresh air can be very energizing.

Of course it makes sense to try to find the reasons for your tiredness or fatigue. However, in the meantime, why not try some of the energy enhancers here? None of these are expensive, and you just might have more energy, and brainpower, starting today.

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