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We have yet another page of riddles. There are six good ones, with solutions of course. For more, you can visit the riddles and puzzles index using the link on the navigation bar above. These, by the way, are some of our easy riddles. Have fun!

1. Can you name five days of the week without saying (or writing) Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday?

2. Read this aloud right now:

The cow ate the
the green grass.

Did you get it right?

3. What number, when added to the number three or multiplied by it, gives the same result?

4. Count every " F" in the following sentence (What could be easier than that?):

Finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years.
How many did you find? Check at the end of the newsletter to see if you found them all.

5. I have three letters, and I read the same forward and backwards. I rhyme with a word that is important to everyone. What word am I?

6. How can you cut a cake into eight parts with just three cuts?









1. The day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.

2. Most people read "The cow ate the grass" when they first try this. However, "the" actually appears twice in the sentence, which is easily missed due to the way our brains look for and find familiar patterns - even when they are not there.

3. 1.5 (I didn't say it was a whole number.)

4. The letter F appears six times in that sentence. Most people think there are only four (although those who speak English as a second language seem to do better at this). For some reason the brain doesn't identify the Fs in "of".

5. Eye (rhymes with "I".)

6. Cut it as you normally cut a cake, in half with one cut, and again with another, resulting in four pieces. Then cut it horizontally in half. This third cut creates eight pieces total.

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