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Two Cryptogram Puzzles

Here are two cryptograms for you to test your cryptography skills on. What if you don't have any cryptography skills yet? Then start with the page, Secret Codes. It has links to pages on how to break codes, and pages explaining the various types of ciphers. The solution to these also come with full explanations of how to solve them. The link to the solutions page follows the puzzles.

Puzzle # 1

Let's start with a simple Caesar cipher. If you have worked on cryptograms before, you'll want to skip past this one, as it will not be much of a challenge.

Decipher the following quote from a famous mathematician:

fq pqv yqtta cdqsv aqwt fkhhkewnvkgu kp ocvjgocvkeu. k ecp cuuwtg aqw okpg atg uvknn itgcvgt. - cndgtv gkpuvgkp

Puzzle # 2

This cryptogram uses numbers in place of letters.

Decipher the following quote about intelligence.

3325863186 2432 881621163412 3216 24313124331933248826 1932 3216878621163412 53243325 89863232 248833868989242686884286 198834 87163186 3286883286 33251988 5386 25195786. - 341688 258631168934

As you might imagine, a cipher using numbers can be tougher than one using letters. There are only 26 letters in English after all, while even just using a two-digit number for each letter allows for 100 possible substitutions.

This isn't a very difficult cryptogram, however. It still uses a simple alphanumeric-substitution cipher, and so can be solved using letter-frequency analysis or even a "brute force attack," in which you try out the various possibilities one after the other.

Ready for the solutions to these puzzles?

Click here for the Cryptogram Solutions.

All the pages on codes, ciphers and cryptograms are listed on the page: Secret Codes.

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