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Brainpower Breathing Trick

Brainpower Contest Winner # 8

Here is the winning entry for the weekly brainpower contest:

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Breathing Exercise

Here's something I do before tests. It also helps me gain physical energy. I learned it from my dad, and I have no idea where he got it from. It might be something Filipino since my dad is Filipino. (It works best on standardized tests)

It's pretty complicated. First, you have to press your left fingertips and your right fingertips together so that it's as if you're holding a ball. Then, while closing your eyes, breathe in for 8 counts, hold for 12 counts, and exhale for 10 counts. While you're inhaling, imagine that a gold "energy" is entering your body from your head and surrounds your body. While exhaling, imagine that the gold "energy" turns into blue "energy" and is exiting your body through your feet.

From, Teryo (USA)

Most breathing exercises seem to help clear my mind. I haven't tried a visualization exercise like this as a brain booster. I'll have to try this one.

Thank you Teryo, and I hope that you like the prize.

In order to get the newsletter put together and have this page up before that, I have to pick a winner just two or three days after each newsletter. However, if you sent any ideas in later, I may use them for the following weeks.

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