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Brainpower Contest Winner # 5

Here is the winning entry for the weekly brainpower contest:

(For rules and to see other winnimng entries, visit the page Brainpower Tips Contest.)

My Brain Power Secret

My secret to waking up fresh, alert and ready for the day is in the night before I go to sleep.

I usually go to bed by 11 and I have a rule: I don't eat anything heavy after 9 o'clock.

The few times I have broken this rule and I've eaten before falling sleep I experienced nightmares, I woke up unrested, and with a terrible brain fog.

I know that many people need to eat or drink something before sleep,but if you have to, just make it a piece of fruit, a light juice or a cup of tea with a bit of honey. I think that if you have grassy or sugary foods before falling sleep it is a recipe for a "next day brain fog disaster".


Thank you Ana, and I hope that you like the prize.

I think you are onto something here. Our bodies need a break from eating to clean out our systems (perhaps including toxins in the brain?), and seven or eight hours probably isn't enough. Eating the last meal a few hours before sleeping means no food for ten or twelve hours.

If anyone else has some experience with brain fog from eating at the wrong times, or from eating too much of some foods, let me know. If you have a way to improve your brainpower with food or sleep habits - or in any other way - send in those submissions for the contest (For information go to the Brainpower Contest Page using the link below.)

In order to get the newsletter put together and have this page up before that, I have to pick a winner just two or three days after each newsletter. However, if you sent any ideas in later, I may use them for the following weeks.

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