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Cheese and Walnuts for Brainpower

Brainpower Contest Winner # 3

Here is the winning entry for the weekly brainpower contest:

(For rules and to see other winnimng entries, visit the page Brainpower Tips Contest.)

Dear Mr.Gillman,

I appreciate you because of your nice letters.

I live in Iran and here in Iran we have some ways to increase brainpower.

I have written 3 of them that are the most important of them and I hope it is effective.

In Iran one of the famous foods for having a powerful brain is cheese and walnuts. Eating cheese and walnuts together especially in morning increase brainpower. How it can do that?

As you know the duty of absorption belongs to epithelial cells in intestinal system, otherwise the balance of ionic charges in every cell should be maintained. Cheese is rich of calcium and every atom of calcium has 2 positive charges and walnut is full of phosphorus ion and every atom of phosphorus has one negative charge.

Eating cheese alone can dull brain but when we eat walnut with that it is very good for brain. As I said cells maintain ionic balance into their self and when we eat cheese actually 2 positive charges can enter into cells for every calcium atom, at this time receptors in cells intend to get atoms with negative charges and walnut supplies that.

After that, we have another nutrient that is good for brain. It is a mixture of honey, sesame and saffron. Eating a teaspoon a day especially in morning is very effective.

Another way for increasing brainpower is reading verses and trying to remember them and the best verses belong to God, remembering holy verses in sacred books like Bible, Quran , Torah and other holy books can help very much to increase brainpower.

I am waiting for your other brainpower letters.



After getting this entry, my wife and I went out to buy some walnuts, so we'll be giving that a try this week. Thank you Vahid, and I hope that you like the prize.

I chose two winners this week (#2 and #3). The other winner is listed on the Brainpower Contest page. (You can use the link below to get there.)

In order to get the newsletter put together and have this page up before that, I have to pick a winner just two or three days after each newsletter. However, if you sent any ideas in later, I may use them for the following weeks.

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