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Brainpower Contest Winner # 12

Here is the winning entry for the weekly brainpower contest:

(For rules and to see other winnimng entries, visit the page Brainpower Tips Contest.)

Hey! Love your newsletter!

Here's a memory technique I used when I was a pizza delivery guy for a MAJOR (wink-wink) pizza delivery chain. I was trying to memorize the street names in our delivery area so that I wouldn't have to use a map, so I could deliver pizzas quicker and get more tips! ;)

The technique I used was simple. I would create an absolutely ridiculous 'movie' in my head, using the names of the streets For example (Streets in CAPS here.): "Mike TYSON was sitting in FIRST class with his HEAD stuck in a CAMPBELL soup can, and a LION jumped over George WASHINGTON's head and and plopped into Thomas JEFFERSON's lap, who had just PIERCEd Ted TURNER's ear."

Sounds ridiculous, but if you take that sentence and visualize it a couple times as a silly movie, it'll be stuck in your head for a LONG time! Works like a charm! You can even do it for really looooong lists; just create a longer 'movie' that's full of action and silliness!

Hope this helps! - Kyril from the USA

I have used similar story-linking memory techniques, so I know that they work very well. Thank you Kyril, and I hope that you like the prize.

In order to get the newsletter put together and have this page up before that, I have to pick a winner just two or three days after each newsletter. However, if you sent any ideas in later, I may use them for the following weeks.

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