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Brainpower Contest Winner # 1

Here is the winning entry for the first weekly brainpower contest:

(For rules and to see other winning entries, visit the page Brainpower Tips Contest.)

I have a technique to concentrate better on what you need to do.

Even if I really need to do something I end up not doing it because something else is on my mind. Either I am hungry, or just have an urge to do something.

Whatever it is, just do it. Don't spend a long time on it, but if something is bothering you, get it out of the way because then you will have a clear mind and will be able to do better quicker work than you could before. If I have an urge to do something, and it is getting in the way of my concentration, I find quickly doing it and then going on to what I really need to do helps a lot, and makes me much more productive. It is always easier to work with a clear mind, and getting those little things out of the way clears your mind for the really important task.

Hope you like it,


(United States)

I do like it, and I think it would work well in conjunction with mindfulness techniques. (You can read more on these here: Mindfulness Exercises). Thank you Gil, and I hope that you like the prize.

I had about eight entries in the three days following this first contest.

In order to get the newsletter put together and have this page up before that, I have to pick a winner just two or three days after each newsletter. However, if you sent any ideas in later, I may use them for the following weeks.

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