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Our Brainpower Tips Contest

Note: The contest has been discontinued for now. However, the winning entries below will remain posted here.

Do you know a good way to increase your brainpower, score higher on tests, think more creatively, solve problems, or develop your intuition? If it isn't already covered here on the site, or if you have a new way to apply one of the techniques here, let me know, and you could win a prize.

Tell me about the technique, brain food, product, or whatever it is in a paragraph or two. Each week I'll choose the best one I get, and post the tip here. If yours is chosen, you'll win any one of the e-books or reports at my site

I'll post your tip on it's own page, then announce it and link to it below. I'll use your first name for privacy, or your full name if you prefer. Tell me what country you are from as well.

February 2007 Winners

- Kyril, form the United States. A Memory Technique.

- Calle, from Sweden. Walking, and other tips.

January 2007 Winners

- Steve, world citizen. Better Listening for better brainpower.

- Jonathan, from the U.S. Pattern Breathing and imaginary massages.

- Teryo, from the U.S. A Brainpower Breathing Trick (part visualization exercise).

December 2006 Winners

- Zheng, from Singapore. A Multi-Modal Memory Method used by imperial scholars in ancient China.

- Muhammad, from Pakistan. His idea for better thinking through Weightlessness.

- Ana, from Ecuador. Her tips on Eating and Brainpower.

- Benson, from (?). Four ideas for better Clarity of Mind.

November 2006 Winners

- Vahid, from Iran. We're trying out one of his tips this week: Cheese and Walnuts For Brainpower.

- Nat, from Australia. He has several tips, which you'll find here: Brain Power.

- Gil, from the United States.The first winner! Read his entry here: A Concentration Technique.

Suggestions To Get You Thinking

Is there a routine that you use to solve problems more effectively?

Is there a food or drink that helps you think better?

An exercise that seems to wake up your brain?

What do you do to prepare for a test?

Don't worry about the science, unless you have a theory or evidence that goes with the tip. Just tell us what works for you or others. If it is safe, readers can try it, and if it works for enough of us, our anecdotal evidence might lead to more serious research someday.

Like what you see here? Please let others know...

Note: The Brainpower Tips Contest has been discontinued, but the winning entries will remain posted here.

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