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Brain Exercise

Need a little bit of mental exercise? There are four types of brain exercise described below, and any of them has some potential to increase your brainpower. Doing more than one type, of course, is perhaps the surest way to benefit. Here, then, are the four types with examples.

1. Physical Exercise

Any aerobic exercise is also a brain exercise. The research clearly shows that exercise immediately boosts brain function. Ten minutes of walking, swimming, or pedaling on an exercise machine is enough for this effect. The research also shows a long term increase in circulation and oxygen-carrying capacity from physical exercise, which results in better brain health.

Here are a couple simple guidelines to remember: Ten minutes of any aerobic exercise for a quick boost of brainpower; Twenty minutes three times weekly for long term health of body and brain.

2. Exercises Involving Coordination

Some research suggests that activities involving hand-eye coordination is especially good for the growth of new neurons in the brain. These activities include playing ping-pong, tennis, running an obstacle course, and playing a piano. Video games - when played in moderation - are also likely to be beneficial.

3. Basic Brain Exercise

The most basic type of mental workout is doing puzzles, solving riddles, and such. Something as simple as doing a daily crossword puzzle has been shown to delay the onset of age-related mental decline, for example. Doing math equations certainly is good brain exercise. Games that involve some thought are included in this category, for example dominoes, chess, checkers, and many card games.

4. Brain/Mind Exercise

Deeper thinking works on brain structure, but also develops that which is beyond mere brainpower. Here we get into meaning and understanding and higher functions. Exercises of this type include things like creative problem solving, purposely challenging one’s beliefs (at least intellectually), and finding new perspectives from which to understand things. Routinely asking the question "why?" of the world around you - and actually exploring possible answers - is another example of this type of mental exercise (it is really more of a mind exercise, but both brain and mind will benefit).

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