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I spend a lot of time putting together pages on how to boost one's IQ score, become more creative, and train one's mind. I hope most readers find the information useful for accomplishing those goals. And what if you've become smarter, more creative, and developed better mental habits? What good is all that? You have to do something with that big brain for it to matter. That's what this page is about: applied brainpower.

Of course there are a million ways to put a good head to use. Various educational and career purposes come to mind. But I thought I would look at a few of the less common ways to exercise your mental capacity while getting something useful out of it. So here are a few suggestions...

Learn to Beat the Casino

Yes, it can be done. Whether you want to run down to the local gambling establishment or stay home and play online casino games, there are ways to put the odds in your favor, and a good analytical mind is more important than any college degree. There are a couple ways to do this. We'll start with the most obvious, which is to get the odds in your favor on a particular game.

Blackjack tables are found in most casinos, and if you learn basic strategy and card counting you can actually put the odds in your favor. Just be sure that the odds are sufficiently in your favor that it is worth your time. A half-percent edge on a low-stakes table might only net you $5 per hour in the long run, so look for a bigger edge and higher stakes when you are ready. Roulette is another game that can sometimes be beat, but only if there is a defect in the wheel. Fortunately these are not that uncommon, so if you have the patience to clock roulette wheels in order to identify a biased one, you can potentially make big money.

The other way to beat a casino is to take full advantage of the promotions they offer without getting sucked into losing your bankroll. You really have to use your head to do this right. See what they offer for signing up for a player-loyalty card, for example, and what the terms are. You might get free slot machine play and be required to pay a certain amount of time, or get match-play chips to use on any of the game tables. A good odds chart for calculating the house edge of various casino games will give you an idea of where to put in your minimum play time and whether your projected theoretical loss is lower than the bonus you receive. I'll leave the math up to you.

Look for Brainpower Applications Around the House

If your you have a little more intelligence than the average person and you've trained your mind well, you will tend to mentally break things apart and put them back together in new ways. Use this skill to find better ways to do things around the house. For example, we needed a bed, but the cheapest queen-sized bed was much more than what we wanted to pay. As we looked at bads I noted that king-sized mattresses were usually placed on top of two single (also called twin) box springs. That gave me an idea. I made a king-sized bed for half the price of a queen by just using two single frames, box springs, and mattresses. It has worked well for almost two years now.

Think about the things around you and how you could use them differently or make them into something different. Maybe you like the new "all in one" computers that take up les space on the desk, but you don't have the budget right now. (And why did it take so long for these to be marketed when laptops were already so powerful in such a small package?) You could buy a cheap wireless keyboard for your existing laptop and then design a simple harness that will let the laptop hang behind the desk with just the screen (folded back all the way) showing against the wall in front of you.

Use Your Brainpower to Help Others

There are many websites that pay you to answer visitor's questions. Now, a good brain and/or mind does not necessarily mean you are a font of useful knowledge, but that's okay. You might have knowledge in a particular field and just answer those questions. Also, if you are a quick learner and online researcher you can probably find the answers the same way the people asking them should have: Google them! It is surprising how often people pay for answers that could have been found with a bit of poking around on the internet. But then, if you provide this service, you're being paid for your ability to do that research efficiently and formulate it into a concise answer. In other words you're being paid to apply your brainpower.

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